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In 2002, the Fur Council of Canada launched the Beautifully Canadian label to collectively identify authentic, high-quality fur garments made in Canada. Today the iconic red and gold label identifies some of the most exquisite fur garments sold around the world.


Each “Beautifully Canadian” fur piece is an artisanal piece of art, a unique creation, hand-made in Canada to the designer’s specifications.

Today, a true Canadian fur style has emerged that is recognized around the world for its casual North American comfort… with a sophisticated European twist!


To start the manufacturing cycle, the finest Canadian furs are “dressed” (a gentle tanning process that preserves and softens the leather without harming the fur). Canadian furs are dressed using traditional techniques based on natural products. The pelts are individually matched for quality and coloration. They are then cut and stretched by hand (“blocking”) to fit the designer’s pattern. The sewing and finishing stages are done by experienced technicians using the same specialized tools that have been used for generations.

Wild furs, a specialty of Canadian producers, are often worked in their natural state (with no bleaches or dyes), to appreciate their remarkable natural colorations. But designers sometimes also like to “enhance” nature using a wide range of methods including various dyeing techniques, printing, carving, laser texturing, intarsia, embroidery…

Because furs are created by nature, no two pelts are exactly alike. The genius of Canadian craftsmen is their special ability to match and assemble these furs to create a homogenous fabric-like material, while skillfully using the natural character of the skins to enhance the design of each garment.

The results: exquisite, one-of-a-kind fur creations and limited editions of luxury furs that are sold in the best fur salons and boutiques around the world.