Summer fur techniques

Creating fur fashion starts with technique

This allows fur to be easily combined with other light fabrics and used for Spring/Summer collections

One of the most commonly used techniques (and one of the first invented) for making fur lighter. It stretches it out and makes holes for length so that the fur becomes longer and more breathable.

Fur pieces or strands are woven into different fabrics to create a variety of patterns and effects

Pieces of fur are applied to a range of fabrics in the style of a jigsaw, forming interlocking pieces.

Both the windows and net technique are created using a stencil – a piece of card with pre-cut designs is placed over the fur as a guide for cutting the fur.

This technique makes it possible to combine beautiful fur cut-outs with lighter fabrics. Perfect for adding furry details to elegant dresses and other feminine styles.

A feminine technique that imitates nature’s beauty and gives a simplicity and lightness to styles where it is used.

The mink skin is cut and then stitched onto the fabric in between the pieces of lace. It give a light, elegant feel to the fabric.

The airy Arctic Marble Fox provides the fluffy feel of each feather. By combining with lighter materials such as silk organza or silk duchesse the feel becomes even lighter. It is perfect for longer dresses and skirts and creates a truly feminine feel.

This technique brings a young, urban feel to fur styles. The chosen template shape, colour and fabric the fur is combined with makes it a very versatile technique.