1. What is the difference between female and male mink coats?
Female mink is generally lighter in weight, softer and more supple than male mink. Additionally, female pelts have higher luster, are very silky and soft and are more adaptable to tailoring and draping. Male mink is often used to create a different fashion look and is also of excellent quality.

2. Where should I go to buy a fur coat?
Always buy a fur from a reputable fur salon or fur retailer. In this way, you are assured of customer service, plus a variety of styles and price ranges from which to choose.

3. How much should I spend for a good quality fur?
Always buy the best quality fur in your price range. Some factors that determine cost are fur quality, type of fur, craftsmanship, style and the designer label. Other factors include the length, size and sweep of the garment.

4. Is a sheared fur as warm as an unsheared fur?
Yes. The warmth of the fur is determined by the underfur, which acts as insulation. Whether or not the guard hairs have been sheared, the underfur remains.

5. Does dyeing a fur affect its quality?
Yes, but in a very minimal way. The fur may not be quite as soft as it was in its natural form.

6. Will rain ruin a fur?
A mild rain will not harm your fur. Just hang the garment to dry in a well-ventilated room, away from direct heat. After it is dry, give the fur a vigorous shake. If your fur gets thoroughly soaked, bring it to the place of purchase immediately for proper treatment so that oils can be applied to the leather side of the fur to maintain its suppleness. In some cases, the silk lining may need to be replaced.

7. What is shearling?
Shearling is natural lamb with the leather side often sueded and dyed colours. The sueded side is worn on the outside with the fur on the inside.

8. Are long-hair furs warmer than short-hair furs?

No. As with sheared furs, warmth is determined by the dense underfur. The outer guard hairs give the various furs their individual characteristics.

9. What can I do with an old fur that I inherited from my mother?

If a fur has been cared for properly over the years (annual storage and cleaning) there are many options available. The style can be updated into a more modern silhouette. It can also be used as a liner by having an outer shell made in a fabric such as micro-fiber, cashmere or leather. You might consider using the fur as a trim on a wool coat, suit or sweater. Fur pillows will always add a luxurious accessory to a home. See also: “5 great ways to recycle old fur clothing”, by Truth About Fur.

10. How do I respond to those that question my choice to wear fur?

You can feel proud to wear fur because it is a natural product that comes from and is produced by a responsible, well-regulated industry. People have every right to appreciate the qualities of fine, natural products such as leather, wool, silk, down, shearling and fur.