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Il y a plusieurs centaines de détaillants de fourrures à travers le Canada, la liste suivante est donc loin d’être complète. Si vous êtes détaillant de fourrures et que votre entreprise ne figure pas dans cette liste, veuillez communiquer avec le Conseil canadien de la fourrure.

Alberta / British ColumbiaManitobaOntario / Quebec / Saskatchewan / Yukon




Snowflake Banff Springs Hotel (Retail Furrier)
405 Spray Ave., Box 1107, Banff, AB T1L 1B1. Tel: 403-762-8770. Fax: 403-762-8769. Email: snow02@snowflakecanada.com Web:snowflakecanada.com

Snowflake is … « simply the best in great Canadian design. » We showcase the best of what Canada has to offer in the highest quality outerwear, accessories and leather goods. We stand for Canada, quality and exceptional service.


Snowflake Banff Sundance Mall (Retail Furrier)
215 Banff Ave., Box 1107, Banff, AB T1L 1B1. Tel: 403-762-3633. Fax: 403-762-2814. Email: snow06@snowflakecanada.com Web: snowflakecanada.com

Snowflake is … « simply the best in great Canadian design. » We showcase the best of what Canada has to offer in the highest quality outerwear, accessories and leather goods. We stand for Canada, quality and exceptional service.


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FurCanada (Détaillant de fourrures)
2345 Delinea Place, Unit C, Nanaimo, BC V9T 5L9. Tel: 1-250-585-1800. Email: info@furcanada.com Web: furcanada.com

FurCanada has been a world-class manufacturer since 1999. We produce premium quality fur blankets, pillows, floor coverings, garments, furniture and accessories. Our taxidermy division creates premium specimens which can be found in museums around the world as well as Hollywood movies.

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Snowflake Chateau Whistler (Retail Furrier)
4599 Chateau Blvd., Whistler, BC V0N 1B4. Tel: 1-604-938-2019. Fax: 1-604-938-1631. Email: snow10@snowflakecanada.com Web: snowflakecanada.com

Snowflake is … « simply the best in great Canadian design. » We showcase the best of what Canada has to offer in the highest quality outerwear, accessories and leather goods. We stand for Canada, quality and exceptional service.


Snowflake Vancouver (Retail Furrier)
1135 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC. Toll-free: 1-866-685-2230. Tel: 1-604-685-2230. Fax: 604-685-2766. Email: snowflake@snowflakecanada.com Web: snowflakecanada.com

Snowflake is … « simply the best in great Canadian design. » We showcase the best of what Canada has to offer in the highest quality outerwear, accessories and leather goods. We stand for Canada, quality and exceptional service.

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Fur Hat World (Détaillant de fourrures)
1331 Niakwa Rd. E, Winnipeg, MB R2J 0R1. Tel: 1-204-975-9229. Email: Online form. Web: furhatworld.com/fr

Fur Hat World sells only the highest quality fur and sheepskin products. A comprehensive and well-established resource for cozy, stylish warm winter headwear and accessories. We feature top specialty brands like FRR and Mad Bomber with an emphasis on items made in Canada and the USA.


International Fur Dressers & Dyers (Apprêteur)
385 Dawson Road North, Winnipeg, MB R2J 0S8. Tel: 1-204-231-5595. Email: intfur@mts.net Web: internationalfur.ca

International Fur Dressers & Dyers has been a family-owned business since 1967. We are one of the only manufactures of fur dressing and dyeing who continues to research and develop advanced manufacturing processes to create innovative dressing techniques.

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Alex Furs (Détaillant de fourrures)
186 Spadina Avenue, Unit 12, Toronto, ON, M5T 3B2. Tel: 1-416-703-0734. Email: info@alexfurs.com Web: alexfurs.com

Alex Dimitropoulos has been in the fur trade for over 50 years. After immigrating to Canada from Greece in 1959, he became a fur craftsman for luxury retailer Creeds. In 1969, he became a partner in Astro Furs, which became one Canada’s finest fur manufacturers. Clients included singer Rod Stewart, actor Chuck Connors, and 1982 Miss Universe winner Karen Baldwin. In 1986, he opened Alex Furs, known to this day for quality manufacturing and service.


Barrington’s (Retail Furrier)
209 Lakeshore Rd., E. Oakville, ON L6J 1H7. Tel: 1-905-845-2031. Email: Online form. Web: barringtons.ca

Barrington’s offers a wide selection of fur and shearling coats, jackets and vests for every occasion. We carry Christ, Nigel Preston, HISO, Wolfie Furs and more. We also offer special cleaning and conditioning services to help preserve the natural beauty of your furs, shearling and leather coats. And we offer expert repairs of all fur and shearlings. We can assist with sewing ripped lining, replacing hook & eyes, fixing tears / worn fur, shortening and much more.


Cahill’s Outerwear (Retail Furrier)
134 Hunter St W, Peterborough, ON  K9H 2K8. P: +1-705-745-5245. M: +1-416-799-9841. Toll free: 1-866-808-6241. Email: Rob Cahill at rob@cahills.ca. Web: cahills.ca/; Facebook; Instagram.

Cahill’s is the premier destination for heritage luxury outerwear, cottage country wear, and fashion accessories in Peterborough, Ontario. Since 1977, Cahill’s has offered Canadian and international fashions to its customers throughout the region, with much of the product and materials being sourced and produced locally.


Elite Furs (Retail Furrier)
3045 South Creek Rd., Unit 39, Mississauga, ON, L5K 2E9. Tel: 416-504-2177; 905-232-1301; 519-824-8010. Fax: 905-232-1303. Email: hercina@elitefurs.ca Web: elitefurs.ca

Elite Furs was founded in 1988, moving to its current location in the heart of Mississauga – once called the Fashion District – in 2007. It attracts not only tourists from around the world but also big names in the fashion industry. Elite Furs only works with high-quality furs and selects the best materials for all the handmade clothing it sells. Elite Furs sells direct to the public, and also supplies some well-known boutiques all over Europe.


Four Seasons Furs (Détaillant de fourrures)
178A Davenport Road, Toronto, ON M5R 1J2. Tel: 1-416-593-0108. Email: fourseasonsfur@hotmail.com Web: fourseasonsfurs.com

Four Seasons Furs has been designing and manufacturing award-winning furs in Toronto since 1973. We are a full-service fur store that not only designs and produces all its furs, shearling and accessories, but offers remodelling, repairs, storage and cleaning. We always have hundreds of furs, shearling and accessories in stock, and our in-house design team can create custom designs and made-to-measure furs in under two weeks. We ship worldwide and offer free shipping anywhere in North America.


HiSO – Gimpex Ltd. (Détaillant de fourrures)
833 The Queensway, Etobicoke, Toronto, ON M8Z 5Z1. Tel: 1-416-596-7070. Email: Online form. Web: hiso.ca

Canadian at our core, we are renowned for stylish shearlings, innovative material development, and quality of craft; HiSO is a constantly evolving, leading outerwear brand.


Laura Leonard Originals (Créateur / Artisan)
Ottawa. Tel: 1-613-552-8115. Email: laura.leonard.originals@gmail.com Web: ssif-virtual-marketplace.myshopify.com/collections/laura-leonard-originals-david-finkle-drums

Laura Leonard Originals is an Indigenous clothing company that creates traditional and contemporary clothing, moccasins, accessories, and jewellery made by the designer in Ottawa, Ontario. Laura has created quite a following for her hi-top moccasins, each pair made to measure featuring custom beadwork, and often uses recycled fur from antique coats in her designs. Laura works with each client to create something truly original.


Lazares & Co. (Détaillant de fourrures)
493 Ouellette Ave., Windsor, ON N9A 6K7. Tel: 888 520-2737 Email: info@lazares.com Web: lazares.com

Lazares has been in business in Windsor since 1925. During this time it has only had two owners: the Goldin family up to 1992, and the Twigg family to the present time. We have a diverse line of products including luxury outerwear & furs, footwear, handbags, hats and accessories in ladies and men’s. Storage, insurance, cleaning, repairs and remodeling complete our services.


Livingston Furs (Détaillant de fourrures)
105 Main Street E. Lower Mall, Hamilton, ON  L8N 1G6. Tel: 1-905-528-1177. Email: Online form. Web: livingstonfurs.com

Alan Livingston represents the fourth generation family member in the fur trade. Come by to see and feel our new Fashion Collection of Furs, Shearlings, Fine Outerwear and Accessories for Fall, Winter, and even Spring. We enjoy being consultants about your new creative requests, or to help you with what to do with that older fur. Appointments at any time, including beyond normal hours, can be arranged.


Paula Lishman (Designer / Artisan)
2731 Durham rd. 19, Blackstock, ON L0B 1B0. Retail sales: 239 Queen Street, Port Perry, ON L9L 1B9. Tel: 289-354-1140. Email: sales@paulalishman.com. Web: www.paulalishman.com.

Paula Lishman invented KNIT FUR 45 years ago. Making fur yarn from a pelt, gives garments indoor and outdoor wear, with fur inside and out, and year round practical usage. All our Sheared Beaver garments, are washable! Paula has enjoyed a high end International career, having been featured in showrooms in Japan, Europe, USA, Canada and beyond. Today, Paula has returned to her roots. After a radical “downsize”, she has streamlined production to a cottage industry based on custom orders. Lishman Furs has a commercial presence in Port Perry (239 Queen St). After ten years of Juried Artisan Shows, Lishman has a huge client list of repeat customers who have become like family. For enquiries, please call 289 354 1140.

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ABC Fur Hats (Wholesale Furrier)
1625 Chabanel West, Suite 960, Montreal, QC  H4N 257. Tel: 514-844-4332. Email: Info@abcfurhats.com Web: abcfurhats.com

ABC Fur Hats is a wholesaler that sells top quality, luxurious fur products at highly competitive rates. With 30 years experience in the industry, our Canadian-made products have unmatched quality control, and guaranteed satisfaction for our clientele. We are responsible for servicing hundreds of retail outlets locally, and Internationally.


Argiriou Furs (Détaillant de fourrures)
460 Sainte-Catherine West, Ste 607, Montreal, QC H3B 1A7. Tel: 1-514-843-3148. Email: Argirioufurs@bellnet.ca Web: argirioufurs.com/fr

Nous sommes une entreprise familiale située au centre-ville de Montréal et sommes l’un des plus importants manufacturiers de fourrures de notre industrie depuis plus de 35 ans. Nous créons des manteaux de fourrures de haute qualité et répondons aux besoins d’un nombre de détaillants dans plus de 20 pays à travers le monde.


Canadian Hat / Harricana (Détaillant de fourrures)
4810 Jean Talon Ouest, suite 409, Montreal, QC, H4P 2N5, Canada. Tel.: 1-514-282-1616 #2300. Cell & WhatsApp 1-514-886-0574. Email: info@harricana.qc.ca Web: harricana.qc.ca

LOCAL POWER: Almost 90% of the fur used by Harricana comes from Quebec. It’s a well known fact that raccoon, otter and beaver fur are so solid and durable that they can last for up to 100 years. A combination of fur and other materials can breathe new life into your clothing and turn them into modern treasures. Watch our video here.


East West Fur Dressers & Dyers
8540 9 Avenue, Montreal, QC  H1Z 2Z5. Tel: 1-514-932-6499. Email: eastwestfur@bellnet.ca


Euroline Furs (Détaillant de fourrures)
9250 Av. du Parc, Suite 601, Montreal , QC  H2N 1Z2. Tel: 1-514-845-5331. Email: eurolinefurs@rapidweb Web: eurolinefurs.com (call for password)


Fourrure Ajamian (Détaillant de fourrures)
7371, St-Hubert, Montreal, QC H2R 2N4. Tel: 1-514-270-1257. Email: Online form. Web: atelierajamian.com

Ajamian is a line of luxury recycled fur made with the highest quality materials. We are a third-generation furrier specializing in transforming animal pelts into fur coats. All our products are handmade using methods that have remained largely unchanged since our grandfather launched the family business in Armenia in 1890.


Fourrure Labelle (Détaillant de fourrures)
555 Chabanel Street West, Room 1200, Montreal, QC H2N 2H8. Tel: 1-514-843-8670. Email: nobelfurs@hotmail.com. Web: Fourrure Labelle on Facebook.

Manteaux en fourrures, moutons retournés, manteaux en tissus, foulards, mitaines, sacs, chapeaux, etc. Remodelage, entreposage et nettoyage de fourrures.


Fourrures Léopold Martel (Détaillant de fourrures)
2322 rue St-Hubert, Jonquière, QC G7X 5N5. Tel: 418-547-0456. Email: fourrures1995@hotmail.fr Web: fourruresleopoldmartel.com

Fourrures Léopold Martel offre des créations uniques de manteaux neufs et recyclés depuis 45 ans au Saguenay. Les pièces sont choisies et traitées avec soin afin d’assurer la qualité et longévité de nos produits.


Furz Canada / Elat Fur (Détaillant de fourrures)
9250 Parc, Suite 105, Montreal QC H2N 1Z2. Tel: 1-514-287-0706. Email: elatfurco@gmail.com. Web: Furz Canada on Facebook.



Lemieux Fourrures (Détaillant de fourrures)
1652, St-Marc, Shawinigan, QC G9N 2H4.Tel: 1-819-537-6645. Email: info@ecogriffe.com.





Luna Furs (Détaillant de fourrures)
9250 Avenue Du Parc, Suite 518, Montreal, QC, H2N 1Z2. Tel: 514-844-9863. Email: info@lunafurs.com Web: facebook.com/LunaFursCanada

Founded in 1976, Luna Furs offers fine fur accessories for women and men, and is one of the best known and trusted manufacturers of fur accessories in Canada. Its stylish hats, capes, purses, scarves, shawls and fashion accessories are exported and sought around the world.


Maison Elama (Détaillant de fourrures)
418 Notre-Dame Est #101, Montreal, QC H2Y 1C8. Tel: 1-514-244-7205. Email: info@maisonelama.com Web: maisonelama.com

Sisters Rim and Rita Elias are the passionate creators and designers behind Elama. Leaving behind their corporate jobs, they chose to chase their entrepreneurial calling and creative dreams to develop a fresh approach to fur fashion. With materials of the highest quality sourced from the most ethical environments, Elama offers distinct designs, blending modern elegance with an irresistible vintage flare.


Mitchie’s Matchings Collection (Détaillant de fourrures)
1625 Rue Chabanel Ouest, Suite 916, Montreal, QC, H4N 2S7. Tel: 1-514-845-6333. Email: mitchiesmatchings.info@gmail.com Web: mitchiesmatchings.com

Mitchie’s Matchings a été fondée en 1978 par son propriétaire Mitch Fazekas. À l’origine, la société s’était spécialisée dans le «jumelage de fourrure», lorsque les fourreurs devaient assortir leur peau pour la réparation ou le remodelage d’un manteau «Mitchie’s Matchings» était le guichet unique. Mitch Fazekas rêvait plus grand, il devait être l’un des premiers à créer une gamme complète d’accessoires de mode en fourrure pour femmes. Mitch comprend les nombreux concepts et techniques qui peuvent être appliqués à la fourrure et se rend compte que la fourrure a deux plis. Il est principalement connu pour son confort et sa chaleur.


Natural Furs (Détaillant de fourrures)
400 de Maisonneuve West, Suite 100, Montreal, QC, H3A 1L4. Tel: 514 842 9005. Email: info@naturalfurs.com Web: naturalfurs.com

Natural Furs International is one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious fur labels, manufacturers and wholesalers. Established in the 1950s, it is now wholly owned by Global Furs, a company started by Tom Nacos in the 1980s. Natural Furs International has been the licensee of such luxury labels as Revillon, Dior, Louis Féraud and the iconic American designer Bill Blass. Today it produces and represents exclusive labels and North American designers Hilary Radley and UNTTLD.


North Pole Furs (Détaillant de fourrures)
164 St-Paul West, Montreal, QC H2Y 1Z7. Tel: 1-514-842-7969. Email: northpolefurs@qc.aira.com Web: northpolefurs.com




Rudsak (Détaillant de fourrures)
9160, Boul. St-Laurent Suite 400, Montreal, QC H2N 1N9, Tel: 1-888-5-RUDSAK (toll free). Email: service@rudsak.com. Web: rudsak.com.

It starts with an iconic black leather jacket. From Marlon Brando to Joan Jett, the leather jacket has always been the uniform of the rebel, a symbol of non-conformity and the inspirational fuel for founding RUDSAK. The brand was launched in 1994 by its visionary and creative leader, Evik Asatoorian, who continues to head up the conception and design of classically cool collections of leather apparel and accessories.


Samuel Fourrures et Manteaux (Détaillant de fourrures)
1460 boulevard Le Corbusier Laval, QC H7S 1Y8. Tel: 1-450-681-1618. Email: Online form. Web: samuelfourrures.com.

Vous y trouverez une vaste sélection de manteaux et accessoires tels que : • Manteaux de fourrures pour Elle et Lui confectionnés en atelier ou faits par des designers Québécois (Zuki, Jean Crisan et autres) • Manteaux de duvet, de laine et de mouton retourné pour Elle et Lui. (Rudsak, Ookpik, Cincia Rocco, Bilodeau, Valanga, Junge, Styla, Mallia, Rosamori, Sly and Co, Hide Society, et autres) • Accessoires tels que des bottes, des pantoufles, des mitaines, des gants des chapeaux, des foulards, des bandeaux, des ponchos, des étoles, des pashminas, des bijoux et autres


Starlight Furs (Détaillant de fourrures)
9090 Ave du Parc, Suite 100    Montreal  QC  H2N 1Y8. Tel: 1-514-843-7591. Email: info@starlightfurs.com. Web: starlightfurs.com.

Pavlos Flikas founded Starlight Furs in 1982 with his wife Tina. Together they’ve been making fur garments and accessories and selling them across Canada, the US, and Europe. Also included in their services, is custom client orders, remodeling of furs, storage, and fur cleaning. Starlight Furs also sells their products in various salons and boutiques across the world.


Wolfie Furs (Détaillant de fourrures)
1625 Chabanel West, Suite 502, Montreal QC H4N 2S7. Tel: 1-514-842-5391. Email: service@wolfiefur.com. Web: wolfiefur.com.

Over the last 40 years, Wolfie has successfully positioned itself as an intergenerational brand – « MADE FOR GENERATIONS ™ » – appealing to a clientele that spans the age spectrum and genders. Our tagline is also a reminder of our Canadian and family heritage in the fur industry; a celebration of strong artisanal skills passed on from generation to generation.

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Michelle Thevenot Artwork (Créateur / Artisan)
Osler. Email: Online form. Web: michellethevenot.wixsite.com/artwork

Michelle Thevenot is a nature-inspired artisanal fur designer creating uniquely diverse garments, accessories, and art pieces using both new fur and reclaimed vintage fur. Offering original designs, custom orders, alterations, repairs, and restyling with an intuitive artist’s touch. She senses a calming energy within natural, sustainable, renewable fur resources and is honored to work with such a legacy. Influenced by a love for the forest and an outdoor lifestyle, her creations embrace that connection with nature’s gifts and delivers that energy to you.


Mossy Bee Fine Leathercraft (Créateur / Artisan)
Regina, Saskatchewan. Email: Contact form. Web: mossybee.ca

Creating uniquely original fur and leather mitts and accessory pieces, using ethically-sourced furs in support of Canadian trapping and subsistence harvesters, and chemical-free leathers and organic/recycled materials. Meticulous hand stitching and craftsmanship create sustainable, beautiful, and long lasting legacy pieces. Custom orders accepted.



Wear Our Heritage (Créateur / Artisan)
Studio: Outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Email: sheilamschmutz@gmail.com Web: munster.sasktelwebsite.net/Fur.html

Specializing in artisanal quality fur trimmed wool hats and capes. Online ordering and shipping within Canada is available. Typically sold through juried craft/artisan shows in fall/winter in Saskatchewan. Sheila Schmutz creates each piece by hand, using only Canadian wild fur, professionally garment tanned in Canada.


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Wild Yukon Furs (Créateur / Artisan)
Unit 107, 100 Main St., Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Y1A 2A8. Tel: (867) 335-6451. Email: Online form. Web: aegirsdottir.com

Wild Yukon Furs is an Indigenous-owned organization that works exclusively with Indigenous-sourced wild furs from all corners of the Yukon. Leveraging generations of fur harvesting and fur handling knowledge positions the Wild Yukon Furs team to acquire only the finest, most respectfully handled furs in the territory. The V.Aegirsdottir brand of goods are handcrafted in the Yukon highlighting the natural beauty of these furs while acting as a vehicle for social change. Learn more about the story and shop the award winning designs at the V.Aegirsdottir website.


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